The Ball Thrower: Reimagined

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Kompact9 is a dog ball thrower that's been engineered to work perfectly for both you and your dog

But it is so much more than just another dog ball thrower. After all, there are plenty of those out there. We’ve completely redesigned and reimagined it from the ground up, consigning all the bad bits to the pages of history. Because, frankly, that's where they belong.

Reimagined design

Our dog ball launcher has spent over a year in development. In that time, we’ve racked up over 100 different prototypes as we’ve refined and improved at every stage. The end result is a product that defines what a dog ball thrower should be.
Size matters

Kompact 9 is 70% smaller than most ball launchers on the market. It retracts to less than the length of a school ruler, at just 25cm, without compromising the distance it can throw a ball.

Sustainable plastic

The plastic we use in our ball throwers is 100% sustainable, they are either made from recycled or plant based plastics.

Recycled Hygiene Cover

The hygiene covers we use are made from recycled plastic bottles and stop you getting dog slobber in your pocket.

It’s easier than ABC

Our dog ball thrower is truly unique, allowing the ball to be released easily while throwing, requiring considerably less effort than most throwers and making it completely accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

It fits like a glove

Comfort is important. Our handle and grip use a hybrid design that's the end product of a lengthy testing process. Really lengthy. Kompact 9 blends comfort and fit like a master winemaker blends grapes.

Ethical manufacturing

The manufacturing process for our dog ball launcher is designed to minimise our carbon footprint by reducing our energy consumption and streamlining our supply chain. 

Reimagined for Design

Designed, built and tested by engineers to be the most compact dog ball thrower on the market.

A dog enjoying using her dog ball launcher

Reimagined for the Environment

Kompact9 is leading the way in utilising recycled plastics for ball throwers. From the unit itself, to the hygiene cover, through to the packaging it comes in, Kompact9 is sustainably sourced and fully recyclable.

Our dog ball launcher is completely environmentally friendly

Reimagined for Comfort

From the design of the grip, to the bag that keeps it (and you) clean, the Kompact9 dog ball thrower has been built to provide the best user experience.

A dog relaxing after using his dog ball thrower

Don't just take our word for it...

Our dog ball launcher has already received some great feedback from customers.

“I have never been able to throw a ball. When I got Barney last year I thought I ought to get a ball thrower and at least try. I tried and tried, without success, until this one came on the market and I can throw this with ease. It’s amazing and I love the cover – no more dog slobber in my pocket!”

"My partner loves dogs but I don’t.  Your dog thrower means that I can entertain my partners dog and get credit for being dedicated."

"Our family is constantly time starved.  My husband and I both work full time, but the kids wanted a dog and well... Anyhow, the dog gets lots of exercise with this ball thrower and I can pop it into my fanny bag or cross over purse and exercise him at any time."

"I got this ball thrower as a prototype from a friend after I had broken my ankle walking the dog.  It saved mine and the dog’s sanity."

"I own my own bike business and take the dog to work.  Although it’s my business I don’t want my staff to think that I am disappearing to play/walk the dog.  This ball thrower is so compact I can put it in my pocket and walk out! the door with the dog.  I then throw the ball, and I’m sure, although you don’t advertise it, that it throws further than most.  We have a 15-minute workout and are back to work invigorated."

"Thorin and Odin are the centre of our family.  The down side to a puppy and a 4-year-old dog is that they have different exercise needs.  I can’t be out all day so, a short walk and some park-based dog throwing is perfect.  Your thrower fits in my pocket and works amazing well given how small it is.  I hope you invent some other radically different dog toys."

Meet the Pups

To say we love dogs would be an understatement akin to saying, well, dogs love balls. We have two dogs who were a key part of our desire to reinvent the ball thrower and, of course, our testing process.

  • Meet Poppy

    Most recently we welcomed Poppy, a Bernadoodle, into our family. Poppy is clever, clumsy, gentle, and loyal. And she loves anything that moves, especially Rio. Which is both good and incredibly useful for us.

    Poppy, head of looking cute at Kompact9
  • And here's Rio

    Rio, a cockerpoo, was our original inspiration, addicted as he is, to playing fetch. Cockapoos are a blend of all the best qualities of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, combining the outgoing personality of the Cocker Spaniel with the low-shedding qualities of the Poodle. Like most cockapoos, his temperament is happy and fun loving, and he loves attention. But don't we all?

    Rio the cockerpoo, part of the dog ball launcher testing team

About the designer

Kompact9 has been designed by Alex Richardson, who recently completed his masters in aerospace engineering. Yes, he is a real-life rocket scientist. Alex and his family have always had dogs but have always been frustrated by the large and cumbersome dog ball throwers currently on the market. So, he set about redesigning the dog ball thrower, with user experience very much at the heart of his approach.

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