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How far can it throw compared to a normal dog ball thrower?

We haven’t done any formal comparative studies and cannot 100% say it throws further.  But we’ve used a lot of dog ball throwers over the years and we think it throws at least as far, if not further, than most. This is because the ball cup is designed to release the ball with greater ease and expend less energy. Our resident rocket scientist tells us that this means you can throw it further. The formula is available on request.

Can all ages use the dog ball thrower?

Does the ball thrower really fit in your pocket?

How long will the dog ball thrower last?

Is everything really recycled?

Can I wash the bag?

How long will the bag last?

Will the dog ball thrower fade over time?

Can I track my order?

What do I do if my order has been stolen/missing or delivered faulty/damaged?

What are your ethical credentials?