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Welcome to Kompact9 - the world's only retractable dog ball launcher made from recycled plastics.

This page should have everything you need for a press release; from our carbon footprint through to accessibility for all and the sustainable plastics that we use to make the ball launcher. Each resource is clearly labelled and you may use any of the images, videos, adverts or fact sheets providing you acknowledge these as Kompact9 resources and use the images or adverts without amending the proportionality, images or wording.

If you need any additional information please feel free to contact We will endeavour to answer as soon as possible.

Finally, we’d love to read your articles and reviews. Please send us a copy and we will load them onto our website, crediting you by name and organisation.

Karen and Alex

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Retractable Design

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Recycled Plastic

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Hygiene Cover

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Our Models


Poppy, head of looking cute at Kompact9.

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Rio, the cockapoo, head of product testing for our dog ball launcher. 

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