Our Mission

Kompact9, like most useful inventions, arose from a large degree of frustration. We were really fed up with lugging a long and cumbersome ball thrower about and dealing with more than a little dog slobber every time we left the park.

Well, that simply wouldn’t do. So, taking a large dollop of Alex’s engineering skills, combined with Karen’s environmentally conscious approach and business savvy, we challenged ourselves to make a retractable, lightweight ball thrower using recycled and sustainable materials.

Now with 2 years worth of sales and tens of thousands of customers globally we are happy to have found our spot in the market and to continue to make positive change to all dogs and dog owners.

Step 1

Innovative Design

Kompact9 is completely unique on the market - solving real life customer needs.

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Step 2

Striding for Sustainability

At Kompact9 we are leading the way for the industry in many ways when it comes to the use of sustainable plastics in production.

The whole ball thrower is made of recycled plastics and the accessories...

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Step 3

Accessibility Promise

There are hundreds of thousand of people across the world who struggle to exercise their pets effectively due to a disability or reduced mobility.

Walking stick in one hand, lead in the other. There are no hands free to hold a ball thrower. Kompact9 being retractable and sneaking in pockets or bags allows those who the above situation resonates with, as well as others, to effectively give their dogs a good run around and...

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Step 4

Dog Exercise and Health

Ball throwers get some bad press related to joint problems, but whats not spoken about is the effect of obesity on dog joints. Used in the right way, a ball thrower is a fantastic tool for creating a robust and healthy pet.

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Meet the team responsible for the best dog ball launcher on the planet

  • Alex

    Co-Founder & Head of Product Design and Manufacturing

  • Karen

    Co-Founder & Operations Lead

  • Rio the cockerpoo, part of the dog ball launcher testing team


    Head of Product Testing

  • Poppy, head of looking cute at Kompact9


    Head of Looking Cute

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