Innovative Design

Our story starts back in the summer of 2019, about a year after getting our first dog, Rio. As a ball mad Cockapoo, the balance between going on a nice walk and playing fetch in the park was tricky to manage. What’s needed is a ball thrower we could put away when not needed, yet still wip out for a good game of fetch when the time was right. From that the idea of Kompact9 was born as the world's best full telescopic ball thrower designed to fit in a pocket or bag. Minimum size for maximum distance.

The initial design phase began when Alex was in his masters year at university, studying aerospace engineering. Within a year, after multiple iterations and hundreds of prototypes, version 1 of the ball thrower was ready for production.

Production proved more challenging than first thought. In the attempt to forge an eco-friendly path, we had decided on using a bioplastic, which while strong was very brittle and not suitable for a ball thrower. After switching to a recycled plastic, editing our tool and updating our brand we were ready for a relaunch in the spring of 2021. Since then we have sold tens of thousands of ball throwers all across the globe.

Kompact9 is a business run by a mother and son team. Where all design, manufacturing, marketing and sales work is done by us. Our goal, supporting busy dog owners and promoting healthy, happy pets.